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There is a better world waiting for us, if we stay true to ourselves

Active Rainbow was to me a one of a kind social experiment which proved beyond doubt that we create the change we want to see in the world through our actions and our zeal.

It brought together so much diversity, all the colors of the rainbow were amalgamated to create a light that shined over all the prejudice and bigotry of the world that we were so used to. It shined so bright that it healed us, took away the darkness and gave us hope for the future.

In these 10 days, we created the society we’d like to live in and convinced ourselves that there is a better world waiting for us, if we stay true to ourselves. This unique combination of people was a true inspiration – so passionate, so clever and so determined. People that were, at worst, overwhelmed by their own goodness. We laughed, we cried, we dreamed and took action.

This whole experience created the message I want to pass on to the rest of society in hopes that it will make more people open their eyes, minds, and hearts. Accept and embrace the diversity because the only identity you own is yours.

Petya  |  Active Rainbow | Bulgaria

Reflection & information

This project gave me many insides on things I have been reflecting or working on for a while. I had the chance to facilitate many activities and to get feedback from participants and trainers on it which was very useful to refine and modify what I do to make it better.

I found the trainer very skilled in particular in the use of language and of reframing in order to create a safe environment for learning. That was of great inspiration and something I am still reflecting on.

Moreover the people I met there where very open in sharing materials, like books and articles where I can come back when I want I find a bit of formal learning. It was also very useful to facilitate group reflections and to see how the people of my group where changing and how this change was affecting my change.

It was amazing to be in such a great team where I meet and worked with people I hope to work again in the future.

Giovanni | Play Forward | Italy

I have found my family

I feel that I can truly live now with passion and zest for life, accepting both the sadness and joyfully and completely.

I am a lot more acceptant of myself and loving who I am, and I can express and communicate a huge amount more openly. I have found my family – my flock of swans and I’m no longer the ugly duckling all alone in a grey world. The world is all oh so colorful and full of scents and aroma, and Grace. I wish I could share this feeling of an open heart, this passion, both warming and burning with the world. And I will. And I am.

Because of this project, I am finally letting go of my illness (with which I have been struggling for 3 years now). As I get more and more life into me, this part of dead leaves.

Forever grateful, with love, magnanimous gratitude and royal gifts for the world.

Tautvydas | Power Action | Lithuania

This is how education should look like!

This remarkable experience is a perfect example of how education should look like. I had never learned that much while having so much fun. Knowledge of LGBTIQ+ spectrum, teamwork, activism, self-care, and boundaries has never been obtained in such a natural and enjoyable way. I have a marvelous feeling that I gained inexhaustible experiences in the field of human relations and solidarity which not just made me a better person but also greatly contributed to my professional development. I have never felt more confident and competent to face the challenges that might occur.

Nika | Youth in Activism | Slovenia