Active Solidarity Youth Project brought together 36 young people from 6 European countries, to explore the topic of activism and LGBT+ spectrum within non-formal and informal learning activities. The program took place in Nea Makri, Greece between the 27th of September and the 6th of October 2019. 

Read below what the Italian team of participants is sharing about their experience:

“Hello everyone! Coming back home was such emotional for me, there are really no words that would express entirely what I have gained. Once here I have started sharing more and more videos and articles regarding the topic. My desire to build “bridges” was lighted again. I have been thinking about the project every day. One moment, one emotion. It was really a lifechanging experience. Now I have the will to be a better ALLY, not just resting in the shadow. I am looking forward to sharing my experience and spread spread spread spread what I have learned.” – Ricky

Hello everyone! I don’t know how to explain what I felt when I came back home. It was so emotional and sad. Active Solidarity makes me grow, taught me a lot and lit my desire to be more active in society. In the next months, I’ll give some workshops about Love & Affectivity and I’ll tell what I learned in Nea Makri.” – Erica

“It was an incredible experience that made me learn a lot of new things, starting from the basics such as the correct terminology and all the aspects of the spectrum. It was for me an opportunity to feel a part of the LGBTQIA+ community, to discover new aspects of my personality and to grow up. I’m also thankful for this project because it made me meet some special people who will always be part of my heart.” – Davide

“It was really emotionally intense experience, full of meaning! It rekindled my desire for activism and being an activist, so I opened a facebook page entitled “Human Rights Activism” and day by day it grows more and more. I will certainly bring with me these pleasant memories of strength of will, kindness and above all union.” – Giovanni

“What have we been doing for 10 days in Nea Makri?? It is an interesting question. We grew a lot, we shared emotions and feelings.

We CREATED, both educational materials and unforgettable memories. We cried, A LOT, and we laughed, EVEN MORE. We went to the beach many times, lived magical moments, and had a lot of FUN. We got INSPIRED and learned more about the LGBTQIA+ spectrum and queer culture. We talked about sexuality and self-expression, we talked about gender, we talked about our lives, our fears. We talked about love, and the different forms it comes. We also went to Athens, organized an amazing street action and danced, voguing, in front of the Greek Parliament. We had the opportunity to visit some Greek LGBTQIA+ associations. They shared with us their stories and personal experiences. They told us how they are moving in the daily queer reality, which activities they are carrying on, and which difficulties they are facing. We also had the chance to meet some members of the “Proud Parents”, a group formed by parents of LGBTQIA+ youngsters, who shared with us precious stories, reflections, and love.

I experienced a deep personal development and after the project’s end, I needed entire weeks to process the whole exchange, to rethink about all the amazing creatures I had the chance to meet, to understand what I learned, and to realize what every one of them gave to me, day by day. I felt empowered by the whole experience, and can’t wait for the next one.” -Anna

The project was funded by the Erasmus+ Programme, through the Youth and Lifelong Learning Foundation (INEDIVIM) of Greece.