A moment from the Training Program, July 2022


”My name is Alma, I come from Portugal, I am a queer non-binary person.
The first phase of the Elevate YOUth Work training course opened up several magical portals inside of me. I rediscovered the joy in learning: I fell in love with theater and grew deeper in love with body movement and singing. My connection with Nature grew stronger because of the moments that I lived in magnificent Kalna Zagari, Latvia. The most magical one was swimming in the lake, under the rain and two rainbows, with friends by my side sharing that moment.

I also feel that my vision of a unified Queer Community across Europe was strengthened. I realized the vast knowledge and possibilities that I can access through the Erasmus+ programs, I am so grateful.
Cathy and Gabi – in their queerness, gentleness, honesty, playfulness, knowledge and skills – allowed me to have a magical learning experience. I wouldn’t change a thing.
I take home with me a fiery passion for learning and sharing, for creating queer community. And a beautiful, colorful feeling of pride.”