A moment from the Training Program, July 2022

Nine de Jonge:

”It was very insightful to discuss concerns such as for example what a safer space is and how to work with trigger warnings. What was most inspiring to me were the embodiment practices by the trainer Gabi Vivas Martinez. It was amazing to experience how as a youth worker I can use embodiment practices with youth, in order to work on more bodily awareness, freedom of expression, movement and safety to take up space. I believe that by movement and voice practices people can have deeper experiences than by merely thinking and talking. Movement can be confrontational for youngsters who might be insecure, but that is valuable to work on. But also, for those who are comfortable moving, it can be insightful to move differently and feel what that does to yourself. I aim to create a safe space for queer youth where they can work on selflove and self-expression through movement and playfulness.

Looking back on the training week, I see that it helped me to follow the path and methods that work well for me. It’s a rich experience to feel what fits and gives me energy in my work.”


”How do you truly write down what you feel inside your heart. Sitting here and reliving all these memories makes me smile. Coming to Elevate YOUth Work gave me the love that i needed for awhile. For the first time i experienced the need for a new family, not connected by blood but chosen carefully. From laughing my ass off to crying my eyes out. And from frustrating realities to living out and proud. From body movement to sharing tools, and from serious business to being silly fools. Sharing these feelings and perspectives is what us bond. That’s why this experience made me elevate to the moon and beyond. Therefore i want to thank Cathy, Gabi and the rest of the team for making me thrive, and to all the lovely creatures elevating along, you are in my heart for the rest of my life.”