A moment from the Training Program, July 2022


”I attended the Elevate Youth Work training programme last July in Latvia as an ally to the queer community and a Proud Parent of a trans teen myself. I was looking for an insight into the struggles and wonders of queer people. What I got out of it  exceeded my expectations by far. I learned how to use the language conclusively, using the right pronouns, experienced diversity from the inside thanks to all the lovely people I interacted with and last but not least I was taught how to create safe spaces for queer people and be mindful for any queer students I might have. I am definitely thankful for all the stimuli I got, the great facilitators and the chance to comprehend more about the community.”


”Last July I had the chance to participate in the Elevate Youth Work training programme in Latvia and it was one of the most beautiful experiences I could have. Through this training I learned how to create safe and inclusive spaces for queer people, how to use inclusive language with the right pronouns and I connected with wonderful people from the community, with whom created a comprehensive and support environment. Leaving this training , I felt more empowered, with awareness about the queer community and more ready to apply my knowledges in my own community. I’m thankful that I grab the opportunity to participate in this training, for the amazing trainers and the team behind this project and for the experiences that I gained.”


”I wasn’t really sure what to expect when I went to last July’s Elevate Youth Work of Active Rainbow. It was my first time participating in an Erasmus+ program. It has been an invaluable and unforgettable experience that I will always cherish. Over the years I’ve been in countless queer spaces and I’ve never felt more welcome than I have in this one, the team behind this has done an amazing job in creating a safer space. It was a truly empowering experience that I’ll never hesitate to recommend.”


”My participation in this project was definitely one of the highlights of this year. Through it I had the opportunity to interact with interesting individuals from a variety of backgrounds and learn more about how to create safer spaces for individuals in the LGBTQIA+ community in an environment that embodied all that it taught. All of this led to a very successful local event for me and my beloved Greek team, but also to the writing of a proposal submitted for funding from the E.U. A very powerful and impactful experience.”