A moment from the Training Course, March 2023

”Having balance in work projects upholds mental health. One of the objectives of filmmaking is to do it sustainably and healthily. The filmmaking period can be stressful and give the feeling that everything has to be done perfectly and immediately. Participating in the “Film Forward” project taught us that taking breaks and care of physical and mental health needs is linked to better results and healthy workflow. This mindset contributes to us in every other work task. 

During the training, we learned how to use existing tools and create media that reaches the audience. We acquired knowledge and skills in making and editing videos and pictures. In addition, we practiced wellness through mental health and maintaining a balance between work and free time. With this knowledge and tools the youth workers will be able to make videos that reach youngsters in social media.

During the training course, we also learned the guerilla filmmaking style and how to use it beneficially. We learned how to shift the focus from having professional equipment and editing skills to the importance of preproduction. The preproduction phase involves creating a plan, a storyboard with different kinds of shots, the location, and available media equipment. Practicing preproduction steps supported us in creating a growth mindset where everything is possible once we plan it through. Now in Rõuge Youth Work Center, instead of seeing videomaking as an obstacle, we see it as a possibility for creating content for the youth and community.