A moment from the Training Course, March 2023


”I am a professional videomaker, but I hadn’t had so much experience in working with social initiatives before Film Forward. I was impressed by not only by the quality and effectiveness of our methods, the comprehensive overview of video production, but also the teamwork element; Working with other youth workers and sharing my experience as a professional was a fulfilling experience that allowed me to learn new perspectives and approaches to videomaking, with an important focus that sometimes as professionals we tend to forget: having a good time while doing it. Film Forward provided me with a unique opportunity to learn, grow, and share my expertise with others who are passionate about creating social change through video, while also reminding me to enjoy the process.


”My experience in the Film Forward Training Course is hard to put into words; The daily video assignments were both challenging and fun, as they required us to work collaboratively to create impactful promotional videos and at the end we got to create a video for a local Latvian initiative in just 3 days. What I cherish the most is the chance to work with other youth workers from different countries and backgrounds, which allowed me to learn new perspectives and approaches to videomaking as well as build my teamwork and collaboration skills. And, at the end, we created something small and impactful. Seeing that, I realized the most important gift that this experience gave to me: hope.


As a beginner videomaker but a professional project designer and youth worker, I was excited but nervous to join the Film Forward project. However, the Training Course exceeded my expectations for sure! It provided me with the practical skills and knowledge I needed to create a social promotion video from scratch, as well as about teamwork, cooperation, and how to make something in a simple, yet significant way. I learned about media literacy, the different stages of video production, and even explored ways to make it efficient through guerilla filmmaking. The daily video assignments were challenging but also really fun, and allowed me to work with a different and diverse group of people each day to create a promotional video for a Latvian non-profit initiative. Overall, I gained a newfound confidence in my ability to create impactful videos that I will definitely bring into my everyday work as a tool to spread messages and advocate for social change.