A moment from the Training Course, March 2023


”Film Forward was an incredible experience: not only the tools acquired, but also the synergy of team working
gave me the possibility to enrich my creativity and my skills.
Indeed, working in team and learning from everyone’s experience was one of the most precious awakening Film Forward gifted me during the whole program.”


”I have always appreciated and loved when audiovisual media are used to make a change.
The most important thing that this training course taught me is the power of the community.
From this experience I will carry with me the energy and determination of all the beautiful people who taught
me to love myself a little more and that it’s possible to do big things in a very simple way.


It was exciting to see how the same scene could be shot by other people and witness our creative processes.
The project was a challenge for me to bring out my own voice within a team and I think that’s something I need
to keep working on. Project after project I have the feeling that a queer European community is being woven and I’m moved by the idea of being part of it.”