A moment from the Training Course, March 2023

There’s no doubt. Eight days of various filming exercises and assignments will leave a lasting impact. More so, the human connection that lasted all these days in the tiny house Zvīguļi, surrounded by snow for most days. We got to learn tools of video making – before, during, and after. Understand more about ourselves and the communities we’re part of. Learn from each other, and hopefully, inspire a lasting change.


“Going on a project is always a place to form connections with people and discover new strengths. Explore novel ideas and try something I would not do daily – directing a social promotion video. The only appeal in the video was either the cameraman or actor, but not in Film Forward. I found more vitality within myself when I took on a leader’s shoes, and it is something I wish to forward further into my life.


“Projects like this one always give me more than I expected. I went there to get some tips & tricks regarding videomaking but came back a different person, someone who’s already making steps to change their life. The project and the human connections I found in Zvīguļi, got me inspired. I’m inspired to create. I’m inspired to connect. I’m finally inspired to live, not just exist.


“Coming to Film Forward, my objective has been to gain new tools as well as confidence to use them in creating media outputs both professionally and personally. Now, I have no excuses to postpone projects because I cannot make an idea from my head come true – this is what we made happen over and over in these eight days. Sprinkled with a bit of personal development, this training helped us all connect on several levels as well. A couple of projects are already brewing out of it!”