A moment from the Training Course, March 2023


”I met my new family on the project. I never thought that I could get to know and connect with such a large number of people in just a few days. We truly breathed together and created unforgettable experiences, memories, and inside jokes. In the evenings, after the “workday” was over, we sat together and chatted, sang karaoke, and played board games. Despite coming from eight different countries, we were united by the desire to learn, be creative, and meet new people.

The Film Forward team successfully created a pleasant, respectful, and, most importantly, safe space for all of us participants to courageously expose ourselves and share our feelings, ideas, and jokes with each other. Thank you to all the participants who I can now call “long-distance” friends, and big thanks to the Film Forward team for making my first training course experience so safe and beautiful. Because of you, I am convinced that I will continue to participate in projects like this.”