Group picture in Altamura, Italy

GIVE-Lab meeting in Southern Italy!

Partners of GIVE-Lab met in Altamura, Italy, from the 13th till 17th December.

This project aims to create tools for voluntary organisations and youth workers to prevent and act against gender-based and sexual violence.

During this meeting we had the opportunity to check-in with the partners on the progress and the activities so far implemented in the project and those to come next. We had 2 and half full days of working together, adjusting and clarifying, making new agreements and planning the next project activities.

Within the meeting, we also got to meet representatives and the founders of the RiSvolta and AGEDO, two local LGBTQIA+ organisations based in Matera and see firsthand the impact our project and its outputs can have on a local context.

The next steps are a Laboratory in France at the end of January, where youth workers from the 10 participating organisations will experiment and adapt pedagogical tools to the context of international volunteering. In Spring 2023, we are going to implement and put into action those pedagogical tools and train local youth leaders, work camp leaders and youth workers in every participating country. There are going to be national trainings and one bilateral training.

More than ever, we, GIVE-Lab partners and participants have renewed our drive to fight for a just and free-of-gender violence International Voluntary Service movement.

Our next step in this journey, is the 5-days international laboratory in France to create an educational tool kit based on the outcomes of the previous activities and the good practices of every partner involved. See you in 2023!

Partners involved in the project:

The Give-Lab KA2 Erasmus+ project is co-funded by Erasmus+ Programme and the Agence du Service Civique (French National Agency).