Active Rainbow is a proud partner in the Erasmus+ KA2 – Strategic partnership of the Give-Lab: Laboratory against gender inequality & violence in international Volunteering project, which connects 10 European organisations in a common mission to equip Youth workers with tools to fight against gender-based and sexual violence.

Prevention of gender-based violence in international work camps is a common concern for volunteer organisations, which manage the daily interaction between participants on their collective life projects. However, Youth workers do not always feel able to act in advance of the problematic situations they may encounter, in contexts where people with different socio-cultural backgrounds live together.

In 2021, the responses to the questionnaire disseminated within the Solidarités Jeunesses movement by the working group on “Gender and fight against gender-based violence” highlighted a lack of training and preparation for youth professionals, as well as the need for tools to enable them to support young people in creating safe(r) spaces to discuss issues of gender stereotypes and the various forms of abuse they generate.

The desire to raise these issues at the European level is the starting point of the GIVE-Lab project, which started in April 2022. 10 partner organisations, coming from 7 countries, are gathered around this project coordinated by Solidarités Jeunesses, with the support of the Erasmus+ programme:

While organisations are making the observation that there are a multitude of resources but which are not always adapted to our contexts, the project aims to provide youth professionals with tools to address the topic of gender based violence. These tools will be the result of an innovative and transdisciplinary training course, resulting from the cooperation between different sectors involved (non formal education, social work, social sciences, art).

GiveLab is a two-years project with three key moments:

  1. A 3-day international seminar in Liege, Belgium to address the topic with different perspectives – October 2022
  2. A 5-day international laboratory where participants will meet in France to create an educational tool kit based on the outcomes of the seminar in France – January/February 2023
  3. National trainings sessions for camp leaders to prevent gender-based violences – Spring 2023

The Give-Lab KA2 Erasmus+ project is funded by Erasmusplus and the Agence du Service Civique (French National Agency).