A moment from the Youth Project, June 2022.


A life-long experience about embracing our queer identities and taking care of ourselves mainly through active meditation. The project took place in Hopeland; an amazing place that inspires you to make a deep connection with nature. A place to learn more about sustainability. A place that will have a special place in your heart from now on.

It is important to mention that we made “support groups”. Groups that we mostly express our feelings and thoughts in a trusted safe space that we created for each other. It didn’t really matter for how long we knew each other and language was never a barrier. We were just people looking for support, ready to open up and make beautiful connections.

One of the most special moments -that we feel very lucky to have the chance to experience- was when we hosted “Proud Parents”! We met parents with their trans children and they shared their story. Little Anna, a 5 years old trans girl, stole our hearts. We want to quote a part from our conversation with the parents, from a Greek articipant.

“I don’t want Anna to suffer in this society the way I do, also a trans person. I’ll make sure that I will do as much as I can, I will fight even harder so I can create a more safe and inclusive future, for your kids,for Anna…”

Lastly we had to organize some “local actions”. So our first one was meeting the “Proud Parents” at thensPride2022 connecting again. With the greek team, we created there an action, raising awarness about queer projects like the one we participated and some queer safe spaces that people can turn to in case they are truggling to survive due to their identity.


“I feel very lucky that I had the chance to participate in a project like this. I have the need to thank every person that made me feel that I have a safe and inclusive space to express myself and my identity. Big thanks also to Cathy and the team members for all the ways that they supported us. Every minute was a magical moment for me. Projects like these, help us discover more about ourselves and finally experience moments of freedom.”


“It’s really important to have projects like Outventure and I feel lucky and grateful to have participated in it. I finally felt safe expressing myself without fear of judgement. I want to thank Cathy for organising queer projects. And also all the volunteers and participants for creating the safe space in which we learned and evolved together but in our own ways. You will all be forever in my heart.”