Outventure Testomonials


All it takes is putting on a song that repeatedly lived in my head during the days of Outventure, to be immediately placed back there in emotion and thought – looking back, in Hopeland I felt present and distant simultaneously, as if inner peace was trying to pull me on the other side of the surrounding mountaintops.

Within this project’s duration, I cautiously had the time to separate all the negative sources of energy that had been holding me back over at home. Especially the people, the people of the project, regardless of silence, sorrow or heavy topics, they made a safe space where giving things thought was possible, without mindless disturbances.

Emotionally, for me, days of Outventure held a nostalgic sense of “calm”. Something so thoroughly wistful to me, as if I had returned back in time. Youthful, in a peaceful summer environment away from most technology, twisted in perception of time passing by resolving boredom with discussions of life perception, moral values, relationships, identity, belonging…. who we were then and there.

Would I ever forget how we were running in circles howling at the moon? Jamming instruments and trying to sing in languages foreign to us? Begging for rain, then trying to escape it the following day? Celebrating each other for our differences? I surely hope I will not forget, I hold these memories close.

However, not all had been soft pastel color-like. After all, a certain disconnect was always present. A lot of time was spent hearing heartbreaking stories of people’s struggles from within the LGBTQIA+ community, which can certainly be a painful experience. In my opinion, it is not too presumptuous to conclude that many people shell themselves with social barriers, when discussing times when they were searching for themselves and had no external support during that process. Therefore, the emotional disconnect between many – at one moment opening up, the next, closing back down in realization that most issues will surely still be prevalent back home. 

I suppose it is only realistic, and in other ways, even motivating. Makes me want to initiate change, for the better of people. That, in addition to the broader exposure of sustainable living, which now after the project, I hold tighter in the back of my mind. Mindfulness, as we called it, is the true takeaway from my time in Outventure. An internally guiding mindful experience.  


[…] I loved that we had a huge variety of nations. We managed to share more than anticipated cause of that. As well as that, the food was godly amazing. It really did set my expectations high for other projects too. There was also lots of music, a lot of activities to occupy you all the time. I also loved that we had our little support groups. Maybe I just got lucky, but I had an amazing group, and we were able to share many things between us when necessary; even excluding the times when it was on the schedule.

Now on to what I learned during this exchange.

One thing for sure, I did learn about LGBTQIA+ issues and good aspects in the participant countries. I had prior knowledge of them, but in the end, I learned that it wasn’t as good or bad as I had known it to be. 

I also learned more about sustainability a lot more since prior to the project I had barely any knowledge of it. 

Other than that, I learned how to feel freer participating in activities, workshops as well as talking with others openly about my emotions without feeling like I’m being judged. Granted, it was perhaps due to the fact that I was telling myself that it’s safe cause if anything I won’t meet these people ever again but, in the end, I have kept some friendships even after the project and feel like if anything I could write those people for some support. 

Overall, I believe that this project was a great experience for me. Of course, there are good and bad aspect, things I liked or didn’t. But even with that, I am glad I went out of my comfort zone to go on this journey and go for new experience into the unknown.  After the project, I am thrilled about going to more projects of different topics to broader my knowledge. Even if this project didn’t quite match my expectations, I am not feeling unmotivated since this is only one of many experiences to come. 


Outventure – sounds exciting, doesn’t it? I heard this word for the first time about a year ago, when I participated in another Active Rainbow project in the Netherlands, so I decided to keep in mind that next (i.e. this year’s) summer there will be some project happening in Greece with such an appealing name.

When the first information about the announcement of Outventure and the start of the application process came out, I had this strong feeling inside that I have to try and go. I tried it, went there, and once again I got convinced that you have to listen to your gut feeling, because I did not regret the trip at all. On the contrary – it was a strong kick-off for the summer, which charged me with positive impressions, love and the desire to live every moment and take opportunities that this life provides.

The topic of the project focused on the mental, emotional and physical well-being of people in the LGBT+ community and among their allies, which I think is extremely important, because these are the topics that are always relevant and that directly affect the quality and conditions of our lives. 12 days of the project were spent in Greece, seemingly in the middle of nowhere, somewhere at the foot of the mountains with local farms around. The living conditions were peculiar because the project took place in the ecological training center Hopeland, where sustainable living is practiced and where everyone has to be able to adapt to some specific things that most likely would be out of the comfort zone on a daily basis. However it actually gave an additional value to the whole project, because people had the opportunity to forget their daily routine and duties for a while, allowing themselves to enjoy the Greek sun, heat, sustainable living, as well as, the magic of being together and the activities.

During the project, the focus was on building and strengthening the intercultural community to learn and gain new experiences together, also to support each other by creating a safe environment. It was a journey for everyone’s self-growth and ability to work individually, as well as, for the team as a whole, because you had to be able to take care of yourself, the community, also listen, share, get involved, cooperate and support. It was a great opportunity to disconnect from the digital environment and focus on the present moment, spending most of the time in the open air, where learning, activities, recreation, games, hiking and much more were held. We practiced not only caring for ourselves and others, but also for the environment around us by learning to use available resources, to express gratitude, and to respect and love nature even more. In addition, the project also contributed to everyone’s ability to perceive any given experience as an opportunity to learn, play, grow, care for themselves and others, express their creativity and practice mindfulness. We danced, played, created, sang, loved, listened, shared, developed, cooked, worked, enjoyed, invested, rejoiced, challenged ourselves and took everything else that this project and the created platform (playground) offered.

Participation in this project was definitely the best decision I could make at that time, because it really contributed to positive changes in terms of both personal growth and life in general. I am extremely grateful for this opportunity and everything that was experienced during the project, besides, it was an excellent practice for living outside the comfort zone (aka learning to make the seemingly “uncomfortable” – comfortable), supporting sustainable living, being off the digital world and capturing and enjoying the present moments. However, the most important value, in my opinion, is the people I met and spent this journey with. So many different personalities, so many experiences, so many diverse characters, needs, skills, talents. Those were all of us who contributed to the greatest magic of this project, and primarily because of us this platform for the support of our mental, emotional and physical health and well-being was created. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Outventure was my first experience with Erasmus+ projects and I got very lucky that my first project was organized by Active Rainbow. I remember myself very jealous of other people going to projects because I was too scared, and I always thought that I cannot do that but now I know that’s not true at all. Outventure was very meaningful experience for me because I learned a lot about myself. I learned that I could overcome anxiety, fear and that I’m capable of doing things that makes me happy. This project changed a lot in my life, I had a chance to connect with wonderful human beings from the LGBTQ+ community, I had a chance to be in the safest space I have ever been. That helped me realized what I can do to make other spaces safer and more inclusive for everyone. What is really important to me is that I started to discover a lot about my gender identity because of some very meaningful conversations. By being there I said yes to coming out of my comfort zone, to the beautiful nature at Hopeland, to chance to meet amazing people and to my healing journey. Every single person from this project has a special place in my heart. <3