A moment from Pride Begins, June 2023


”Pride Begins was an extraordinary journey that allowed me to embrace my authentic self, finding acceptance and belonging within a like-minded queer community in Riga. This experience ignited a desire to establish a similar inclusive space in my own city.

Through this project, I honed my digital skills creatively and received immense love and motivation, driving me to continue exploring and expanding my abilities. Participating in Pride Begins helped me discover more about myself, I learned the power of self-expression through creative outlets, breaking barriers and connecting with my true identity. Moreover, the project provided valuable insights into teamwork, communication, and community-building which I value a lot.

I wholeheartedly recommend this project to fellow young queer individuals seeking self-discovery and creative exploration. Pride Begins offers a safe and supportive environment to express oneself authentically, fostering personal growth and nurturing a sense of belonging. By engaging with like-minded individuals, you’ll explore your unique talents and interests, for a brighter future :)”


”Pride Begins was very important for me and I am glad that I was part of it. I had an opportunity to work with the Active Rainbow team. It allowed me to step out of my comfort zone and embrace new challenges. Throughout this journey, I discovered strengths I never knew I had and I recognised areas for growth. Beyond personal growth, the experience offered invaluable life lessons. I learned the importance of community collaboration and the positive ripple effects of actions. Undoubtedly, I recommend Pride Begins to others. It provides a platform for personal growth and making a tangible difference in communities.”


”Pride Begins was an amazing experience for me that will definitely positively impact my life in the long run. It was incredible being surrounded by so many queer (and supportive) people, being part of a community and creating safer spaces for others! I loved every second of it <3 it could sometimes be challenging to take time to myself (because fomo) though and i learned to set clearer boundaries and listen to myself and what i need.”