Active Rainbow was a long-term project with a mission to promote social inclusion and combat discrimination of young LGBTQIA+ people in society.

The youth project consisted of 3 main activities: APV (Advanced Planning Visit), Youth Exchange and a Follow-Up Period with local actions in each partner country.

It brought together 40 young people from Bulgaria, Italy, Greece, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Romania, and Spain to explore their identity and the topic of LGBT+ Spectrum.

During the 10 days event, participants worked on their personal growth and became acquainted with peer learning, by creating and organizing their own activities connected to the topic. 

After the YE, they continued building stronger communities by organizing workshops in their local communities with the support of the partner organizations.




AR made me more self-aware

I think that AR project made me more self-aware. It gave me a safe space in which I could express myself, without any criticism and with unconditional acceptance, and view a unique sort of a small society that we created.

In my daily life now, I can see the difference and sometimes I even feel oppressed, but I know now that it’s up to me to change that and even make a difference in my community.

Panagiotis | Greece

There is a better world waiting for us, if we stay true to ourselves

Active Rainbow was to me a one of a kind social experiment which proved beyond doubt that we create the change we want to see in the world through our actions and our zeal.

It brought together so much diversity, all the colours of the rainbow were amalgamated to create a light that shined over all the prejudice and bigotry of the world that we were so used to. It shined so bright that it healed us, took away the darkness and gave us hope for the future.

In these 10 days we created the society we’d like to live in and convinced ourselves that there is a better world waiting for us, if we stay true to ourselves. This unique combination of people was a true inspiration – so passionate, so clever and so determined. People that were, at worst, overwhelmed by their own goodness. We laughed, we cried, we dreamed and took action.

This whole experience created the message I want to pass on to the rest of society in hopes that it will make more people open their eyes, minds and hearts. Accept and embrace the diversity because the only identity you own is yours.

Petya  |  Bulgaria

I am a strange among strangers

I am a stranger among strangers
Some of us are blond, some of us are brown
Despite everything, we are all world’s pacers
We ‘ve arrived here or there under a snowy cloud

First hours with a group of new people in my life
and I feel them like they are my birthday’s ground
The rocks and soil, the trees I smell since the day I was given the paradise’s knife are blossoming inside my heart • a treasure is here to be found
The sun started to fill us with warmth and my body since then has been released of shadows and mind ties

Some of us feel red, some of us feel green
We are diving into an ocean full of corals, hesitations, and pink
We can fearlessly now let our greatness to be seen
Out of our comfort zones getting stained with mud and ink

We ‘ve let our souls free to learn the unknown, grow next to each other
So my spirit flourished when the rainbow suddenly appeared
It reflected into my eyes, ready to share its glow with any passenger, friend or lover
I am standing here and there, creator of my own life and fulfillment
Every fear disappeared.

Erianna  |  Greece

The project was organized in 2016 together with Olde Vechte Foundation in Ommen, the Netherlands. It was funded by Erasmus+ programme and the Erasmusplus Jeugd. 

Partners: Bulgarian Youth Association (Bulgaria), Associazione Vagamondo (Italy), Hellenic Youth Participation (Greece),
Lithuanian Gay League (Lithuania), Association ACCEPT (Romania), Association of LGBT and their friends Mozaika (Latvia), Ticket2Europe (Spain).

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