Dynamic Youth Project on education, activism,
and the LGBTQIA+ Spectrum.

Active Solidarity was a 10 days dynamic skills-based program for young people who have a strong interest in the LGBTQIA+ spectrum and want to explore themselves, promote human rights, and find their own way of how to be an activist and leave their mark on today’s society.

The idea behind this project was to create a safe space where young people can discover the power of non-formal and informal learning, exchange about the LGBTQIA+ rights, explore different forms of activism and apply their videomaking skills for raising awareness. 

The project focused on improving the inclusion and active participation of young LGBTQIA+ people in society. 


Articles by participants about their experience during the project.

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During the Exchange participants created their own Activist’s Zine.

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Participants presentations about the local NGO/groups they visited in Athens. 

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Participants produced educational videos about the LGBT+ spectrum

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Active Solidarity consisted of 2 main activities, the Youth Exchange, which took place between 27th September and 6th October 2019, in Nea Makri, Greece, and the Follow-up period with local actions in each participating country.

35 individuals from the Czech Republic, Italy, Greece, Latvia, Slovenia, and Spain met together, creating and sharing a majestic experience together. 

During the program, the inspiring Activists:

  • supported and empowered each other and their personal growth
  • formed meaningful connections with each other and embraced their intersectionality

  • exchanged information about the LGBTQIA+ community from their respective countries

  • got to know LGBTQIA+ activists & organizations in Greece and produced educational videos about the LGBT+ spectrum 

  • organized street actions and activism related activities in Greece during the YE and other local activities in their countries




After the Youth Exchange, and during the 2nd phase of the project, participants organized workshops, presentations, and other public events, in order to spread their experience and results with their peers.

In the different participating countries, the series of events gathered together many young people, part of the LGBT+ spectrum and/or allies, who got to know firsthand information about the project, non-formal education and Erasmus+ programs, the LGBT+ spectrum, and share personal experiences and create new meaningful connections. 


There is not only one type of love

Active Solidarity did something enormous for all of us, gave us a necessary push to go out to the real world, collide with the real world without hurting us. It made us conscious of the importance to spread the idea that there isn’t only one life, one family or one type of love.

– Spanish National team


I experienced a deep personal development and after the project’s end, I needed entire weeks to process the whole exchange, to rethink about all the amazing creatures I had the chance to meet, to understand what I learned, and to realize what every one of them gave to me, day by day. I felt empowered by the whole experience, and can’t wait for the next one.

– Anna | Italy

The many faces of Activism

None of us could have imagined how many forms activism could take: from family activism to video making, and from street actions to queer art. It became clear to all of us that it is possible to collect our experiences, capacities, and needs and use them for change and for doing activism.

– Ioanna & Manolis  |  Greece

The power is in us

The most important thing that I’m taking from this experience is the realization that you don’t need a whole month and 2000 people to create something big.

– Ajda | Slovenia


This project was the best decision of my life. I learned things about myself I didn’t realize and felt emotions to the extent I didn’t think I can. Now I know that I’m able to feel things deeper than I thought. I’m able to love in so many different ways which don’t include the romantic side. During video making activity I felt so inspired as I have never felt before. And most importantly, I have never felt so accepted and free in my own expression as I did in the project.

– Dan Avangard | Latvia

The project was organized in 2019 together with Solidarity Mission and it was funded by Erasmus+ program and the Youth and Lifelong Learning Foundation (INEDIVIM), the Greek National Agency. 

Partners: Asociace Dice (Czech Republic), Associazione Vagamondo (Italy), Association of LGBT and their friends Mozaika (Latvia), Drustvo DIH (Slovenia), Ticket2Europe (Spain).


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