Dynamic skills-based program for young people with a strong interest in the LGBTQIA+ Spectrum and want to create a lasting social change.

YOUth in ACTivism consisted of 3 main activities: APV meeting, Youth Exchange, and a Follow-up Period with local actions in each partner country.

The idea behind this project was to create a safe space for young people to explore and exchange through non-formal and informal learning about the LGBTQIA+ rights, the different types of activism, and apply using media tools for raising awareness and increasing active participation among the youth. 

40 young people from the Czech Republic, Italy, Greece, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Slovenia, and Spain, shared their colors and activism, literally and metaphorically, while having all types of fun! 


Tutorial Videos

In their small teams, the group seized the opportunity to work on different topics about the LGBTQIA+ Spectrum and activism in an interactive way – becoming themselves videomakers and producing a series of tutorial videos, transferring their knowledge and experiences.

Follow the link to Resources to find the videos. 

Cards Against Heteronormativity

During the project, the team leaders seized the opportunity to challenge themselves and make a game about the LGBTQIA+ Spectrum.

Within a day, the card game “Cards against Heteronormativity” was created with original questions and answers, and now is available as well for you to download and play, with included instructions.

Follow the link to Games to find out more. 

Youth in Activism Webpage

In order to successfully share all the dissemination materials created during and after the project, it was created a unique webpage where you can find the rest of the information about the project and its activities, the street action documentation, follow up activities, and much more.

Follow the link to the official Youth in Activism webpage


YOUth in ACTivism APV (Advanced Planning Visit) took place in Ommen, the Netherlands between 3rd-4th of July 2018.

16 individuals from the 8 participating countries of the project met together, in order to start preparing themselves and the main event – the Exchange in August.

During the visit, the inspiring Activists:

  • Got to know each other, bond and network

  • Experienced different non-formal and informal learning methods – fostering theirs and each other’s learning


  • Exchanged about the LGBTQIA+ realities of each other’s countries, discovering similarities and differences

  • Took their first steps in their pathway to exploring activism – definition, types of it and what does it take to be an activist

  • Put in practice their media skills and produced their first tutorial videos on different topics of their interest, about the LGBTQIA+ Spectrum and activism


YOUth in ACTivism Exchange took place in Ommen, the Netherlands between 19th-28th of August 2018.

40 individuals from the 8 participating countries of the project met together, in order to experience 10 days of a dynamic skills-based program and focus on exploring Activism and the LGTBQIA+ Spectrum.

During the program, the inspiring Activists:

  • Got to connect, network and create an empowering learning environment and safe space

  • Experienced different non-formal learning methods – fostering theirs and each other’s learning, and competencies


  • Met with Dutch Local NGO’s and activists, exchanging on the LGBT+ spectrum realities in their countries

  • Produced tutorial videos on different topics of their interest, about the LGBTQIA+ Spectrum and activism

  • Went on bike trips, discovering the Overijssel province of the Netherlands with its beautiful landscapes and intercultural aspects

  • Organized and performed Street Actions in the city of Zwolle, raising awareness about the LGBTQIA+ Spectrum.


This is how education should look like!

This remarkable experience is a perfect example of how education should look like. I had never learned that much while having so much fun. Knowledge of LGBTIQ+ spectrum, teamwork, activism, self-care, and boundaries has never been obtained in such a natural and enjoyable way. I have a marvelous feeling that I gained inexhaustible experiences in the field of human relations and solidarity which not just made me a better person but also greatly contributed to my professional development. I have never felt more confident and competent to face the challenges that might occur.

Nika | Slovenia

New insights and ways to implement them

A new understanding that stayed with me even after the project is to use the awareness I have of a situation to brainstorm achievable ways to improve it in the present moment. That, I think, becomes a skill.

This project not only offered a different view of the world, a meeting with so many different and wonderful people, the experience of living and cooperating with them, but also new insights and the implementation of them, meaning whole new skills. That is something if we’re talking about non – formal education and activism.

This project helped me see that when I prioritize needs and ideas and actually work towards them with the feeling that I can make it while not aiming for perfection is something both empowering and powerful. That is because a process like that actually leads you to an outcome, most likely the outcome you were hoping for and even more. It reminded me that although we live in a very fast paced society, we can implement changes in small or bigger doses in short notice, yet without exhausting ourselves in the mid-time, having an inner pace. The pace is not always coming from a clockwork organized schedule, but mainly from a self-awareness of needs that is giving space to oneself be human, vulnerable, healing, evolving, empowered and empowering.

Drink water and stuff your bellies first!

Maria | Greece

New insights and ways to implement them

I enjoyed the Olde Vechte project a lot, and quite a bit more than I expected to. It is difficult for me to remember a time where something so exceeded my expectations and satisfied me so fully. The amazing location, the professionalism, and the friendliness of our leaders, the excellent cooks, it all helped the rest of us flourish and get what we want out of this experience.

I think that these aspects are particularly important to emphasize, as they effectively solved my personal dilemmas and skepticism. If everyone around me puts so much effort and care into our exercises and well-being, then, darn, I do owe it to everyone to step out of my shell and be a pra-pra dancing penguin. It was a wonderful place, one that allowed me to be unafraid of judgment, and something I would recommend for all humans to learn and grow.

I’m very glad that I signed up for this adventure. The workshops, the assignments, the learning, the challenges, my new friends and my buddy, all of it helped to bring out some of my better qualities. For that, I will always be grateful.

Davis | Latvia

The most uplifting adventure of self-discovery

If I could sum up this experience in one sentence, I would say: This was the most uplifting adventure of self-discovery and preparation to become one of the bravest achievers who strive to make the world the place of love, solidarity, free of hate.

To become the fearless activist who can influence people and implement necessary changes in my country to better the lives of LGBTQIA+ community where I belong myself, to be the voice of people who are silenced, to fight injustice and bigotry is my main goal in life, and having been surrounded by other amazing, inspiring people who are true heroes gave me so much strength. This meaningful experience transformed me into a more confident, smarter, passionate version of myself. But what was truly precious that I received and for that, I will be forever grateful – is the strongest friendships that I formed and that will last a lifetime.

During the project, I had to fight my own insecurities and it wasn’t always easy, but with the immense help of friends, I was able to stand up firm on my feet again and realize how beautiful life is and how my purpose is to help people fight struggles as I faced myself, to uplift them.

Egle | Lithuania

The project was organized in 2018 together with Olde Vechte Foundation and it was funded by Erasmus+ program and the Erasmusplus Jeugd. 

Partners: Asociace Dice (Czech Republic), Associazione Vagamondo (Italy), Solidarity Mission (Greece), Lithuanian Gay League (Lithuania),                                                                                                                        Association of LGBT and their friends Mozaika (Latvia), Drustvo DIH (Slovenia) and Ticket2Europe (Spain).

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