A series of different collective zines was created during the project “Zine-Making 101”, where participants online and in person got to experience first-hand zine-making, offering the opportunity to discuss and explore a variety of themes in a safe and brace space. 

What is a zine? “A zine is a small-circulation self-published work of original or appropriated texts and images, usually reproduced via a copy machine.”

You can now swipe and read through the zines “Fingerprints”, that explores topics related to activism and “Express Yourself” that explores topic on gender expression, masculinity and femininity. 


This Zine (2021) was created by participants of the project with the same name in one of the activities, where they were exploring the power of creating zines as a tool for activism.

The zine is a collective one, where each participant has contributed with their creating their own page and drawing/writing/painting their own message. The theme of this zine has been open for the persons to freely express themselves, their thoughts and emotions through the creative process. 


The Out in the Open Toolkit: Your mini guide to inclusive outdoor and experiential learning for LGBT+ Youth (2019) is one of the main outcomes from the project with the same name. 

Inside this publication you can find the basics of outdoor and experiential learning and its benefits, the basics of LGBTQIA+ spectrum learning and why it is important to commit in creating inclusive learning environments. You can read and be inspired by participants experiences, and find specific tools and activities you can use in your youth work and adjust with your target group. 

It is addressed to youth workers, trainers, young leaders, educators, mentors, anyone actually who is interested to contribute in improving the inclusion, growth and well-being of the LGBTQIA+ community and wants to learn how to do that through outdoors. 


The zine (2019) was created by participants of the project “Active Solidarity” during a workshop led by the curator of the queer publishing initiative Queer Ink

What is a zine? “A zine is a small-circulation self-published work of original or appropriated texts and images, usually reproduced via a copy machine.”

The activists’ zine contains texts and images shared by the young activists of the project, freely expressing themselves, thoughts and emotions, through this creative process of zine-making.


The  Power ACTiON Booklet (2018) is one of the main outcomes from the project under the same name. 

It contains information about the project, daily reportages of the Youth Exchange with photos, testimonials of the participant’s experience, the results of the local actions the young activists organized in their cities, and 18 new educational activities and workshops about the LGBTQIA+ Spectrum and social inclusion.

Inside the publication, you can also find the statements of participants about the importance of inclusive education for the LGBTQIA+ community and how the youth can engage in active participation. 


Play Forward Booklet on social inclusion, sports, and human rights (2017) is one of the main educational tools developed through the Play Forward Project.

The Booklet includes the 16 brand-new activities and workshops about, sport, and human rights that were created and exchanged among participants during the main events. 

The publication reflects on the benefits and outcomes of non-formal education, in which learning is happening by doing and experiencing. 

InterACTive Colors: The Meeting PHOTO REPORTAGE

The Be the ChangeMaker Photo Reportage (2017) reflects on the activities of the InterACTive Colors Evaluation Meeting, which was a 4 days event, that brought together 18 young activists, to strengthen the quality of youth work and international projects about the LGBTQIA+ Spectrum.

Inside the publication, you can find the photo-reportage of the meeting, read the statements of the young activists about the importance of inclusive education and being active citizens in our local realities. 

You can also see and read the collective results of the project, as well as read and be part of the manifesto about the LGBTQIA+ community as visualized, written, and shared by participants. 


Share your colors is a free printable coloring book (2016) for kids and adults about various gender identities, expressions, and concepts within the LGBTQIA+ community. This book can also be used as a complementary resource in sexual education classes. It was created by participants during the Share Your Colors project. 

More info on Facebook Queer coloring book page


The Share Your Colors Toolkit: on social media, multimedia, and campaigning for raising awareness in the LGBTQIA+ context(2016) is an educational tool.

It aims to provide guidelines and best practices on how to work with nowadays digital and campaigning tools in order to create an impact on the topic of sexuality, diversity, and the LGBTQIA+ Spectrum.  

It is addressed to youth, youth workers, activists, and all persons eager to explore new ways and actions for visibility and raising awareness.  


The Active Rainbow Booklet: From personal roots to local actions (2016) is one of the main tools developed through the Active Rainbow Exchange Project.

It is an educational tool, which documents the methodology, the new informal educational tools/workshops, actions, and experiences of the young people involved in its main activities. 

It captures the lessons learned and good practices for engaging young people and in the promotion of Human Rights and social inclusion of LGBTQIA+ people in societies.