A moment during the youth project, August 2022.

This Youth Exchange followed an experiential learning approach. It was highly participatory and interactive, giving the chance for self-reflection and self-evaluation.

This approach involves learning by doing and peer-to-peer learning (learning from each other).

Street Actions: After gathering our ideas in small groups, we explored street actions as a form of activism. For a couple of hours in the center of Zwolle the participants shared their messages with performances, hugs, writings and interactions with locals.

Creative Activism: During the last days, we explored different kinds of activism – digital, magazines, performances, interviews and so on. Through self-organisation we created our projects and shared them with the rest of the group.


“Experiences like this are made to show you what is the true essence of building and being part of a community that is bigger than you believed. Twelve days, people frm 8 different countries give as a result just a small taste of what cooperation and sharing can create and how powerful we are if we are tied together by the same ideas!”


“This project gave me the chance to fully explore all the different kinds of activism and to share unforgettable moments. Being surrounded by queer people from all over Europe is such a deeply enriching experience!”.